Gleis 7, 16 Uhr 10.

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YOUR face... pasty 'cause you've gone and got so wasted, what a surprise. don't want to look at your face 'cause it's makin' me sick. you've gone and got sick on my trainers. I only got these yesterday.


Alle Dasselbe
Strip my mind
Funky Monks

Power of Music

'...wir wollen alle mehr oder weniger dasselbe seit es Menschen gibt, nen Platz an der Sonne, genug zu Essen, ein Bett und jemanden, der uns liebt...'

'...ich hab' gesagt, du interessierst mich nicht mehr. jetzt merke ich, es ist ziemlich schwer. ich hab' gesagt, du bist mir egal, jetzt sehe ich dein Gesicht überall....'

'...tu nur das was dein Herz dir sagt, alles andere soll dich nicht stör'n, doch mein Herz steckt im Kopf und mein Kopf steckt im Sand, darum kann ich mein Herz nicht richtig hör'n...'

' hurts, but sometimes it's a good hurt and it feels like I'm alive. love sings, when it transcends the bad things, have a heart and try me, cause without love I won't survive...'

'...scar tissue that I wish you saw, sarcastic mister know it all. close your eyes and I'll kiss you 'cause, with the birds I'll share, with the birds I'll share this lonely view...'

'...cause I've seen love die, way too many times, when it deserved to be alive. I've seen you cry, way too many times, when you deserved to be alive...'

'...when my time comes, forget the wrong that I've done, help me leave behind some reasons to be missed. don't resent me, and when you're feeling empty keep me in your memory, leave out all the rest, leave out all the rest...'

' here's your holiday. hope you enjoyed this time, you gave it all away, it was mine, so when you're dead and gone will you remember this night, twenty years now lost. it's not right...'

'...I caught the soul of the sun in your eyes. I was so cold now I'm warm and alive. If it's a dream I will make it come real. I might be dumb but I know how I feel...'

'...but uh oh, I love her because she moves in her own way. but uh oh, she came to my show just to hear about my day...'

''s a shame we have to die my dear. no ones getting out of here, alive, this time...'

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